The International World Wide Web Conference – TheWebConf 2022
Organised by our team in Lyon, TheWebConf 2022, the 31st edition of the World Web Conference cycle, took place in video from 25 to 29 April 2022.
Most of the sessions of this conference are available on the SIGWEB channel on YouTube
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have a look at the opening ceremony…
The opening ceremony
Lucenay : exhibition « A look at Lyon’s painting in the 20th century »
For ten days, from 11 to 20 November 2022, an exhibition of 150 works covering the entire 20th century was held. Two associations, Patrimonia and Talents de Lucenay, led by the commissioner Michel Bosse-Platière, supported by the town council of Lucenay and the Rhône department, which designed and produced this installation of paintings from the collections of Anne and Michel Bosse-Platière and the Rhône department.
The opening of the exhibition took place on Friday 11 November at 6pm in the presence of Christophe Guilloteau, president of the Rhône department, Valérie Dugelay, mayor of Lucenay, Alexandre Portier, member of parliament, and above all the painter Jean Fussaro, to whom this exhibition paid a special tribute.
Speech by Jean Fusaro during the vernissage
Speech by Jean Fusaro during the vernissage
Some of the displayed paintings can be seen on this blog post.
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