After the Festival d’Ambronay 2015 on the theme «Myths and Mysteries» held in the usual atmosphere that makes its specificity, let’s look for the 2016 edition.

The Festival 2016 took place between September 16th and October 9th with a focus on «Vibrations : Lights».

In the mean time, many musical acts took place, especially the concert of the Saint Valent’Ain performed by Mariana Flores and Leonardo García Alarcón in the chapel of Jujurieux.

Starting June 2016, Air Canada opened a new direct connection between Lyon and Montreal. That brought closer together these two cities which had already strong links since 1979!

This new link had been announced and confirmed on Tuesday, December 1 at the time of the “Apero” «Lyon likes Montreal» organized by the OnlyLyon ambassadors in the presence of Gérard Collomb, chairman of the Metropolis of Lyon, and Denis Coderre, Mayor of Montreal.

Involved in a cooperation project since 1979, Lyon and Montreal (Canada) pursue economic, administrative, university and cultural cooperation. Relations between the two cities are of a long-term nature, being renewed every year on the basis of their respective priority development strategies. (Greater Lyon business)

The experience of the concert of Saint Valent’Ain has been renewed. On February 14, 2017 Francesca Aspromonte accompanied to the harpsichord by Andrea Buccarella sang in the Chapel of Jujurieux a program entitled Follia d’amore.

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